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Georgeous Beads

Friday 05 February, 2016

Never ordered before. Took a chance and very happy that I did. Prices excellent, flat shipping charge a plus, delivery fast, and the beads I ordered and received were more vibrant and beautiful than described and seen from the pictures. I will be ordering many more times from now on.
Testimonial By: Joanne Conte — Oviedo, FL, United States


Tuesday 02 February, 2016

I was so pleased with my first order I went to the computer and ordered again.I have a hard time pricing my beaded creation.By the time I add the price of materials, and my work the projects became too expensive to sell. Paying a dollar for a string of beads and between 50 cents to $1 for clasps I can make beautiful things, sell them at a reasonable price and still get some money for me!
Bless you Dollar Bead i love your products and the speed of your sending them.
Testimonial By: Marilyn Moon — Melbourne, FL, United States — Beads by Design

Thank You

Saturday 30 January, 2016

This is my second order. I just started beading and was purchasing from craft stores, which can get very expensive. I ordered the first order and didn't really expect the beads to be this nice. I am Very please. Thank you so much. You've made my beading experience even better. :)
Testimonial By: Cathy Rondinone — North Port, FL, United States

Thank you!

Saturday 23 January, 2016

About 2 years ago my family suffered a great loss. She was everyones favorite. Unfortunately COPD took her at the age of 40. Leaving her husband alone. Thanks to DollarBead I was able to find ever sentimental charm I needed, and more. Thanks again DollarBead, you never let me dow, and you are ALWAYS SO QUICK! It's amazing. I live on the other side of the Country, and it still ALWAYS gets here in 2 business days.
Testimonial By: Erin Graves — Portland, OR, United States — Etsy selling Jewelry under Erin Graves


Sunday 10 January, 2016

Just received my first order. I was just amazed by it all. So much to choose from, excellent quality, and my order was here in 3 days! That included a Sunday! I am hooked, I sell jewelry, so I will be purchasing much more. Not to mention I only paid 20 dollars including shipping, and was able to make 12 beautiful necklaces, and 3 bracelets? not one item on the jewelry was from anywhere else! I mean talk about possibilities for jewelry makers out there!!
Testimonial By: Erin Graves — Portland, OR, United States

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