Friday 30 August, 2013

Go somewhere else and throw your money away on poor quality overpriced beads! Leave all these reasonably priced, high quality, beautiful beads for me to buy and save my hard earned money on! I just placed another order for beads and I bought all they had of this particular bead. Why? because I TRUST Dollar Bead to send me nothing but the very best! After many orders from Dollar Bead, I know I will not be disappointed. Dollar Bead has never and will never let me down. I buy from Dollar Bead with complete confidence. I have purchased from the big TV network that sells jewelry, beads,gemstones and tools. I always get cracked, chipped, miss drilled beads. In other words, jewelry television sells useless JUNK that cannot be used. Now, I only buy from Dollar Bead. I have NEVER received an unusable bead. I TRUST DOLLAR BEAD COMPLETELY!
Testimonial By: John H Smith — Statesville, NC, United States

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