Tuesday 09 April, 2013

Super..I love you products. Amazing. Beautiful beads. I'm having a blast making my own jewelry. In time I will get good at it. The craft stores were hitting my pocket hard. Fifty dollars for a very small purchase. Ill be ordering from you from now on.my first order..had a small free gift. That's nice..treat your customers well, and they will stand by you. Marion

I received my first order...and pleasing it was. the beads are top end. Great colors...splendid. I am new to making my own jewelry..so I was not apapted to the bead sizing. Orderd all size 10. It's not a real big bead..but I prefeer a smaller size..which would be an 8 and a filler bead of 6. So happy with my purchase. If I had bought these beads at a local store..Id pd. triple. And I have. This is my second order. No idea what I am going to do with all my works...just having fun. Its such a relaxing hobby. Beading seems to come first anymore. Love the dollar bead....a real steal...don't hesitate...buy them..you will be so pleased.
Yes, I'm a happy camper..
Marion in Syracuse, NY yeah, the ORANGE LOSERS..
Testimonial By: Marion Sutliff — Syracuse, NY, United States

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