Instructions for Making Beaded Tree Decoration


YOU WILL NEED: A cutter, a round-nosed plier, wire 0.8mm, 15 different size and color glass beads (you can match the color of the beads to your table setting)

Cut 15 pieces of wire of approximately 8 inches each.

Thread a bead onto the middle of the wire. Fold the wire into half.

Twist the wire around the bead from both sides.

Use the round-nosed plier to curl the end of the wire.

Repeat these steps to make the other 14 bead stems.

Hold the bead stems together like a bunch of flowers. Wind wire around the middle of all the bead stems. The remaining wire can be wound up one stem. Pull apart the tops of the bead stems as you wish to make the branches of your tree. Pull apart the roots of the bead stems as you wish to make the tree stand upright on its own.



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