The Rosary (means Crown of Roses) is a soothing form of prayer and meditation for Catholics dating back over 1200 years. The main item needed is the cross or crucifix and several different size beads, colors or whatever one fancies. Observers have to learn the rosary prayers and the order in which they are said. The beads are fingered as one goes around the rosary.

After the central cross comes the 1st bead which signifies Our Father followed by a bead signifying Hail Mary. The first of three Hail Marys separated by smaller beads or chain or whatever one chooses to use as your rosary. It is literally like a form of chanting or saying the mantra as one feels around the beads in systematic order and thought.

You can buy a ready-made rosary or make your own out of a colorful collection of beads. A rosary is composed of a crucifix, 53 beads of one color to represent Hail Mary prayers, and 6 beads of another color to represent Our Father prayers. Waxed nylon cord is commonly used for making rosaries. Rosaries are divided into five decades, sections that contain ten beads each, as well as a smaller section with three more beads. Make sure to leave a little space for the beads to slide, but not too much. When the rosary is used, the person using it should be able to slide the beads down slightly once each prayer is complete. It is customary to have a priest bless the rosary before you use it to pray. Take the rosary to your parish and ask the priest to say a blessing, then use the rosary or give it away. One can have more than one rosary, which can be styled with any type of bead: different sizes, different materials, whatever is desired. Let your imagination and artistic talent run wild. They make beautiful gifts for friends and family as well.
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