Make Money with Bead Parties

You love beading as a hobby, so why not make some money off of it? Hosting beading parties is a fun and exciting business opportunity. You can earn as much money as you want depending on how hard you want to work. You can set your own hours and best of all, you can enjoy what you are doing. While having a flexible career for yourself, you will also be meeting new people. Host private parties at family or friends' houses; and everyone will have a great morning, afternoon or night out. The person whose house it is at provides refreshments and drinks, while you provide all the beading materials and tools. The guests go home with something they'll actually wear - a piece of jewelry made by themselves!

To start, you need someone willing to have a beading party at their home. They then invite a few friends (minimum four and maximum nine) to join in the creative fun. Discuss which piece of jewelry you will be making, as some people will have some beading experience, while others will have none at all. Have an array of projects with a photograph and a price of each one to show your client. Tell your client the price of each piece BEFORE the party, so as there are no unpleasantries.

What you need to bring to the party:
1. You must have a number of tools to bring with as well as all the materials needed to make the chosen piece. Do not expect the house owner to have any supplies, even scissors.

2. It is a good idea to cut the wire for everybody at the required length at home already. Come with the beads in a box, sorted by colors for each person to choose their color combinations. Use beads that do not have too small holes as many adults have a hard time seeing: it will only agitate them.

3. You will need to photocopy the instructions for each guest. Don't make the print too small.

4. If all the guests are doing EXACTLY the same piece, you can make small kits for them including the materials: beads, findings, wire etc., with the instructions.

5. Make sure you have more than enough materials, as surprise guests might arrive.

I suggest that the work be done on towels or toweling material on the table so that the beads do not roll all over; you can provide beading mats if you wish. Don't forget that good lighting is extremely important! Always have plenty of patience: even if the guests need the instructions repeated numerous times and there is one guest who wants your undivided attention.

Depending on the type of beads used for the jewelry piece, you can charge between $30 and $70 a person. Do not do a too complicated piece, as you don't want anyone getting frustrated. The piece should not be too easy either or it will take too short an amount of time to make. I think that people like to make an expensive piece using gemstones, crystals and sterling silver, that way they come out with a magnificent piece of jewelry that cost them a fraction of what they would have paid in a shop.

Never forget to bring some flyers or business cards advertising your bead parties to give out to the guests. Hopefully they will be so pleased with the end product and the fact that they made it themselves, that they will need your phone number. They will wear their piece of jewelry proudly and show it to all their friends. This is the best type of advertising for your business. Word-of-mouth advertising will be enthusiastic and catching: others will want to hold a party at their house too!

For children's beading parties, you need to have maximum 30 children and use beads which can be handled easily by kids of that age. The piece you choose to make should be relatively simple, as there will be a lot of your help needed with so many children. You can charge up to $20 each and use fun, brightly colored beads and charms. Always clean up the mess at the end of the party before you leave. Remember to make this a memorable, fun experience for the kids and an easy choice for the parents.

By hosting bead parties, you can turn your hobby into a money-maker: it has an unlimited income potential.
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