Birthstone charts have existed since the beginning of the 20th Century. Most birthstones are able to be purchased cheaply. They are fashioned into beads or chips with holes in them for stringing. Using different beads that are the color of your birthstone however will not provide you with the stones mystical properties or protections.

January –
Garnet This normally deep red, claret colored gemstone can actually come in any color except for blue. The name 'garnet' comes from a Greek word meaning the color of pomegranate seeds, and is thought it also means constancy. Used as a power stone, garnets provide guidance, good health and protection against bad dreams.

February –
Amethyst When worn is meant to encourage an even-temper, tranquility and sincerity. This violet colored stone is very popular, with a quirky legend saying that amethyst has the ability to prevent intoxication of alcohol.

March –
Aquamarine This light blue stone is said to protect health and provide optimism. Some say courage is also associated with aquamarine, and increases the ability of the wearer to experience love and mercy.

Diamond It is worn to strengthen the body and soul of the wearer. Diamonds are a precious stone that are most commonly clear in color. They are the hardest natural substance, formed when naturally occurring carbon has been under extreme pressure.

May –
Emerald It is meant to help sharpen the mind and allow healing of the body. The beautiful, deep green of the emerald has seen it considered a precious stone since before 4000 BC. As a promoter of love and romance, it also inspires intuition and cleansing.

June –
Pearl This natural wonder found in oysters that has fascinated mankind ever since it was first discovered. Thought to relate to purity, they symbolize faith and charity as well. Pearls are meant to eliminate misfortune, and their smooth, white surfaces are said to bring clarity.

July –
Ruby This stone can mean contentment. The rich red of the ruby gemstone is very vibrant, and across history has been linked to love and passion because it is the color of blood. The powers of integrity, devotion and generosity are also harnesses by the ruby birthstone.

August –
Peridot (pear-e-dough) This light yellow-green birthstone protects against envy, fear and irritation. As a healing stone, the peridot empowers the wearer to use their inner powers to understand their situation, returning them to their rightful path.

September –
Sapphire It is a highly prized dark blue stone. Known as the stone of wisdom and good fortune, sapphire has a relaxing and clearing effect on the mind, allowing creativity to surface.

October –
Opal It is meant to increase the confidence of the wearer. The opal creates an optical effect, with the minerals within the compound producing an luminously multi-colored effect under light. This birthstone fosters love, loyalty and faithfulness, allowing the expressive nature of the wearer to flourish.

November –
Citrine It is a yellow type of quartz formed when there is iron within the stone. This birthstone is seen as an invigorating and energizing influence. Citrine also makes the wearer lighthearted, cheerful and hopeful for the future.

December –
Blue Topaz Providing patience, love and fidelity, this attractive ice-blue stone is popular for more than just a birthstone. The birthstone blue topaz inspires leadership, spiritual growth and insight.

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