Instructions for Making Beaded Spiral Wire Ring


YOU WILL NEED: A cutter, a round-nosed plier, wire 0.8mm, 30 x 4mm glass pearl beads.

Take the wire (do not cut any wire off the spool). Use the round-nosed plier to create a coil with the wire.

When you have a coil of approximately 2 ½ inches, you can cut the wire.

Cut another piece of wire approximately 40 inches long. Thread this through the coil.

When the wire is through the coil, twist the two wires together twice (close to the coil).

Thread 1 bead onto one piece of wire and twist the two wires together once or twice.

Repeat this step until you have used all the beads.

Twist the two ends of the wire very well together. If there is too much wire, cut some off.

Curl the wire with the beads on it in a snakelike spiral, from the inside outwards.



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