Shades of Orange

Buying at an online bead store is not easy especially if you are new to making beaded jewelry. Most crafting sites are laid out by bead type, size or shape but we offer you a color specific category listing in effort to make your purchase easier and more enjoyable.

Beads of all types and finishes in all shades of Orange & Yellow will be displayed in this category. Shades of orange will range from pale orange, almost a peach color, to strong and vibrant shades of orange. Yellow shaded jewelry beads did not warrant a separate category so they also appear here.

The beads in this category are mostly orange and yellow glass beads but you will also find gemstone beads for example Carnelian, Citrine and Yellow Jade as well as Mother-of-Pearl.

Our specialty is overstock that we buy from factories all around the world. Most of the time, our prices are lower than wholesale crafting suppliers or other online stores you may find.

There are no products to list in this category.
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