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Wednesday 08 July, 2015

The beads are great. Received my order in a few days. I will order again.
Testimonial By: Brenda Wilson — Winchester, VA, United States


Thursday 02 July, 2015

I was leary at first because of the insanely low price, but I jumped in with both feet and placed a $50 order. I was NOT disappointed. Fantastic quality with super low shipping, a total no brainer. I will be buying all my beads and findings from here on out!
Testimonial By: Theresa Martin — zillah, WA, United States

wonderful workers, excellent company

Tuesday 30 June, 2015

As for the company, the people who are working with the beads, I have found them to be very nice, helpful, thoughtful also all positive comments that I would say, (I had put a testimony in for the beads from this site as well.) They look at your order and a person fills it. You get paper(s) back with everything listed and any problems that I had, I notified them and it was taken care of right away. They communicate with you and take care of things right away. I would order from them again and I would definitely recommend them to anyone who likes to work with beads. I don't mean just the pearl beads, but all of the beads. I have been using all the different types of beads from this site and would continue to use them.
_ 3 RJ Paula
Testimonial By: Paula Benedetto — Staten Island, NY, United States

Wonderful beads, fit for a Princess

Tuesday 30 June, 2015

I have ordered beads from this site. These beads are terrific to work with. The glass pearl beads are my favorite because they have such beauty and elegance in their characters. Those are something's that I look for in creating pieces. I want things that will look nice and feel good. I use beads for various things and just gotten back in to using them again. I also like writing and painting, so I am very creative and all over the place. The glass pearl beads, they have a weight to them that if you make a bracelet, it doesn't feel as if it's a piece of plastic. The beads are excellently priced, lower than many stores, plus at times you may get more than you would at other stores or sites. It's not just about the price, it's the quality. These are quality beads. I love to put classical colors together such as white and baby blue and when you look at the pieces, although not that much money was spent, they look like a style for a princess.
_ 3 RJ Paula
Testimonial By: Paula Benedetto — Staten Island, NY, United States


Tuesday 30 June, 2015

I am so happy discovering this company. Have ordered 9 times now and have saved so much money. Love, Love Love them.
Testimonial By: Paul Budrow — Tampa, FL, United States

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